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Article 1 – Ege University Women’s Issues Research and Application Center (EKAM) was founded with Ege University Senate’s 12/11/1996 dated decree No. 13-9 and Council of Higher Education’s 27/08/1996 dated approval, in accordance with by law 1 of Academic Organization Regulation in Universites depending on Ege University Rectorship.

Working Area

Article 2 – a) To do or get done basic and practical research about various areas on women (Juridicial, sociological, economic, cultural, sanitary etc.) To prepare projects and put into place on the purpose of enhancing the status of Turkish Women.

b) To promote and support scientific studies of Ege University’s various units about women topics, To encourage and incentivize postgradute and doctorate students to do research on “ women’s issues”.

c) To provide preservation, popularization and improvement of women’s rights acquired with Ataturk’s Principle and Reforms.

d) To cooperate and to exchange information with multifarious domestic instutitions and foundations on doing studies dealing with women issues.

e) To cooperate with similar centers abroad and organise international meetings.

f) To send personnel abroad or to provide staff from abroad for education in order to increase information and means related to women issues.

g) To prepare educational programs, to organize seminars and conferences and to open skill courses on the purpose of educating society about women subjects and announcing women issues.

h) To create archive and library consisting of published pieces on women including researches related with women and family, and educative films, posters and print pieces related with women’s issues.

i) To inform civil servants and private sector employees about women’s health, family planning and women’s place on applicable laws about women’s rights by holding conferences.

j) To conduct studies on women and family on the purpose of enhancing the statue of women in community.

k) To make other studies related with the foundation purposes of the Center and Higher Education Law aim and principles.

l) To cooperate with academic institutions, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Ministry of Family and Social Policies, voluntary agencies and international organisations on women issues especially on education of women.

m) To try to correct ingrained wrong information and topics to society on women by benefitting from every kind of tool.

n) To create volunteer groups with required councils and units in order to apply and support all these studies. 


Article 3 – Women’s Issues Research and Application Center Units are:

  1. Center Director
  2. Center Administration Council


Article 4 – Center Director is assigned for 3 years among Academicians working at the University by Ege University Rector. Duty time expired director may be reassigned.

Article 5 – Duties of Director

  1. To represent the Center,
  2. To convoke Administration Council, to prepare meeting agenda, to administrate the meeting as president of the council.
  3. To carry out and inspect study programs.
  4. To prepare last year’s activity report, next year’s budget offer and working plan at every academic year’s end with Administration Council.
  5. To submit activity report, budget proposal and working plan of the next year for rector’s approval.
  6. To provide leadership and supervision of research projects.

Article 6 – Director chooses 1 or 2 Assistant Directors among Administration Council Members. Assistant Directors help Director to conduct her/his duties and deputize Director when she/he is away.

Article 7 – Administration Council President is the Director of Center.

Article 8 – Administration Council is consisted of four  members suggested by Center Director, Assistant Directors, Director and approved by Rector. Director whose duty time expires could be reassigned as well as being discharged before her/his duty-time expires.

Article 9 – Duties of Administration Council

  1. To regulate studies of the Center.
  2. To assist Director on conducting  and in taking decisions.

Article 10 – Administration Council comes together at least once in a month upon the call of Center Director.


Article11 – This validity goes in operation at date of publication.


Article 12 – Ege University Rector conducts this regulation.


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