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Purpose of the Center:

The aim of the center; To carry out national and international research and studies on women and women's issues from past to present by developing projects in cooperation with private or public institutions and various disciplines, to develop sensitivity to women's issues, to make publications and to ensure communication between the society and the University on the subject.

Fields of Activity

The activities of the center are

a) To carry out basic and applied research on women in various fields such as education, law, sociology, economy, culture, health and the like. To prepare and implement projects in order to raise the status of Turkish women.

b) To encourage and support scientific studies on women's issues in different units of the university; To encourage and encourage postgraduate and doctoral students to do research on women's problems and solutions.

c) To carry out studies for the protection of women's rights gained with Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions and to encourage them to be done.

ç) To cooperate and exchange information with various institutions and organizations working on the issue of women in the country.

d) To cooperate with similar centers abroad, to organize international meetings.

e) To send staff abroad or to recruit staff from abroad in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation in order to receive training, research and examination in order to increase knowledge and experience on women's issues.

f) To prepare training programs, to organize seminars and conferences, to open skill courses in order to inform the society about women's issues and to announce women's issues.

g) To create an archive and library consisting of educational films, posters and printed works on women's issues, and published works including research on women and family.

ğ) To inform women working in public and private sector workplaces on issues related to women's health, family planning and women's rights by organizing conferences.

h) To carry out studies related to women and family in order to increase the place of women in society.


ı) To develop social responsibility projects on women's studies together with undergraduate and graduate students.

i) To carry out other studies in accordance with the purpose of establishment of the center and the aims and principles of the Higher Education Law.

j) Collaborating with other academic institutions on women's issues, especially women's education, and with national and international voluntary organizations and organizations, especially the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services.

k) To try to correct the inaccurate information and opinions about women in society by making use of all kinds of tools.

l) To establish the necessary organs and committees and voluntary groups to carry out and support all these studies.

Directors of the Center from its Foundation to the Present

The Founding Director is Prof. Dr. Seval Sekin, Faculty of Agriculture ( 1996-2005)

Prof. Dr. Nurselen Toygar, Faculty of Dentistry (2005-2008)

Prof. Dr. Feride Aksu, Faculty of Medicine (2008-2009)

Prof. Dr. Belgin Hossu, Faculty of Fisheries (2009-2010)

Assoc. Dr. Nevin Yıldırım Koyuncu, Faculty of Letters (2010- 2013)

Prof. Dr. Konca Yumlu (2013-2018)

Assoc.Dr. Şerife ÇAĞIN ( 2018-    )

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